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SEO Checklist For Small Business

Are you a small business owner looking to get started in SEO? This SEO checklist for small business and start up’s should help you get started.

SEO and Website design are not mutually exclusive. They go hand-in-hand. The process of SEO starts the very moment you decide to build a website for your business. SEO ensures that people actively looking for services like your’s land in your website instead of your competitors. 

Building and maintaining a search engine friendly site has proven to increase sales and improve trust among your customers. It is no rocket science but it does take a certain level of patience and understanding. So, If you are doing SEO on your own or have an in-house team, this checklist of essential tips will help you take the best possible decisions when implementing SEO for your  website.



Please note, certain steps might require some technical knowledge. So if you need some extra help with any of the steps feel free to send me a email or shout out your queries in the comments and I would be glad to help.

This SEO checklist for small business is not just a checklist but also a good strategy to consider when you are implementing SEO for your website.



While entrepreneurship is my passion, I am a technology geek. I have degree in computer engineering and marketing and have put my skills to good to help a lot of small business grow. I frequently write about marketing, technology and how small businesses can use technology to grow their business. Subscribe to my blog to get regular tips on marketing and technology.

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