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Social Media Checklist To Boost Efficiency

Today Social Media is part of every business digital marketing strategy. But, creating engaging content, monitoring your competition and keeping track of your analytics takes time. And time is one thing every business owner is short of. Having an effective social media checklist will not only save you time but also improve the results in the long run.

When I started managing multiple social pages, I found myself spending a lot more time than necessary. Even though I knew I did have to check ad/post performance 5 times a day – I could not resist myself. That was when I decided I had to create a checklist for my myself and forcefully take a step back from the amount of time I was spending on social media. 

That was when I stumbled upon this amazing checklist from SEMRush. It is clean, simple and breaks down the list by daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly notes. If you are a social media manager you will find this checklist really effective. Feel free to download and tick away your accomplishments.

Social media checklist- np marketing

Have you tried organising your social media habits before before? How was the experience? Please let me know in the comments. Also, Feel free to send me an email with any queries on Social Media marketing.



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