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Colour Psychology-What Colour Suits Your Business?

It is all about first impressions. Your customers decide if they like you or not in 90secs from their first contact with your brand . Research has shown that colours influence this decision anywhere between 82% to 90%. So, if you are hoping to increasing your sales or making a memorable first impression understanding the basics colour psychology will help you maximize your potential.

Research is expensive and millions have been spent to understand the colour psychology.  So, the next time you are designing your website, or painting your work place, or creating a billboard understand what each colour means and see if your brand message is in sync with the colour you are using.

The following infographic shows the emotions people subconsciously associate with colours and how it could be used in marketing and branding. 

colour psychology for business

When it comes to picking the right colour your customers reaction to colour appropriateness of the product is far more important than the colour itself. For eg, if Harley wants to target its female demography launching a pink+glitter edition is not going to be well received, since, Harley is all about feeling rugged.

The feeling, mood, image that you want your brand to create should influence your choice of colours for your business. That is no evidence that one colour brings in more sales than the other.

Source: Impact of colour in marketing;

Have you seen any interesting colour combinations that you felt were incredible or weird? I would love to know about them. Leave a comment below!





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